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Damian Lewis with bracer from Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall

Company Pictures/Playground Entertainment for BBC Nobody makes historical drama like the BBC; it is amazing and this series was amazing but I was emotionally invested in the program from the start because I was asked by three separate departments to be involved.  Personally I re-enact 16thC social life, so of course it massively interested me…

Taboo Tom Hardy hook knives b


Scott Free Productions Hardy Son & Baker for BBC Taboo is a visual spectacle that pulls you in to a dark world of violence, greed and survival around 1800 with Tom Hardy as a knife wielding hero/anti-hero.  The brief for his knives and a whole host of others was exactly what I love; just enough…

TV gallery killing eve dagger

Killing Eve

Sid Gentle Films for BBC Killing Eve is one of those shows that you may love, hate or be indifferent to, but you cannot have missed its existence; I happen to love it.  So when the call came to make some pieces for the last series I of course jumped at the chance.  The brief…

Scrapheap swamp racer

Scrapheap Challenge

RDF Media for C4 Scrapheap Challenge was a UK institution; the mother of all ‘build’ TV shows and the most amazing place to learn and grow and I had the great pleasure to be involved with the show on and off from before its start (I actually auditioned and failed to take part in the…

TV gallery witcher 2 bronze dagger


Witcher 1,2 and Blood Origins – Netflix Without doubt the most fulfilling job making weapons for film and TV that I have had. It is a rare job when ‘all the stars align’, but this was it. Netflix are a great company to work for, production was easy and pleasant to work with, the feeling…