Witcher 1,2 and Blood Origins – Netflix

Without doubt the most fulfilling job making weapons for film and TV that I have had. It is a rare job when ‘all the stars align’, but this was it. Netflix are a great company to work for, production was easy and pleasant to work with, the feeling on set and through the crew was cooperative and collaborative, the actors were great and my immediate boss Nick Jeffries in the armoury department was fantastic.

The brief was both tight and loose. Tight in that the weapons had to be ‘real’, they had to come from reality, just not necessarily one that existed. But through making them plausibly real, they became believable and both Nick and I revelled in the detailing and making of them. Loose in that the exact nature of look and detailing could be left open so that a full creative result could be delivered. The brief was basically make believable fantasy pieces – heaven for a maker.

Witcher 1 Gallery

Witcher 2 Gallery

Witcher Blood Origins Gallery

Scrapheap swamp racer

Scrapheap Challenge

TV gallery killing eve dagger

Killing Eve

Taboo Tom Hardy hook knives b


Damian Lewis with bracer from Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall