Scott Free Productions Hardy Son & Baker for BBC

Taboo is a visual spectacle that pulls you in to a dark world of violence, greed and survival around 1800 with Tom Hardy as a knife wielding hero/anti-hero.  The brief for his knives and a whole host of others was exactly what I love; just enough guidance to give me a direction to look in and then its all mine to creatively make and deliver pieces that exceed what any of the production were expecting.

The signature pieces were of course his two Karambit knives, belts and sheaths.  Two pieces that he originally made (supposedly), years apart in the wilds of Africa and then wore daiiy and used often. The perfect brief.


TV gallery witcher 2 bronze dagger


Scrapheap swamp racer

Scrapheap Challenge

TV gallery killing eve dagger

Killing Eve

Damian Lewis with bracer from Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall