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Killing Eve

Killing Eve

Sid Gentle Films for BBC

Killing Eve is one of those shows that you may love, hate or be indifferent to, but you cannot have missed its existence; I happen to love it.  So when the call came to make some pieces for the last series I of course jumped at the chance.  The brief for the knife was actually what I almost never do and that is make a piece to a highly detailed design, but you can’t turn down a job working for your hero (so to speak).  But as ever for me, it was the more ‘free form’ pieces I loved like the arrow heads. 

I had an emergency call to produce a load of modern hunting style arrow heads that could have been made by a blacksmith and I had 8 hours – make something please……loads of fun.


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Scrapheap swamp racer

Scrapheap Challenge

Taboo Tom Hardy hook knives b


Damian Lewis with bracer from Wolf Hall

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