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Arrows V Armour 2 - Films

Arrows V Armour 2 - Films

Armour Defeated

AvA2 – Armour defeated!

Arrows vs Armour2 asked and answered many questions about just how the arrows from a full weight longbow could injure the knight wearing armour, but there were still some questions we wanted answered.  Can the very thin arm armour resist hits or is it vulnerable?  The mail aventail is really resistant to strikes, but even…

Testing Crossbow Simulator

Testing the longbow simulator

Tod uses a ‘longbow simulator’ and shoots it against Joe Gibbs with his 160lbs longbow.  How do they compare? Are they interchangeable or is it a complete cheat?  What do these arrows look like in slow motion, how fast do they go and how much energy and momentum do they have?  How powerful are they…

AvA2 Blunt force trauma thumb

AvA2 Blunt Force Trauma

How powerful is a hit from a full weight medieval war arrow? Can it knock you off your feet? Can it send you flying from your saddle ? Can repeated hits stop you walking forward? A good question and one I hear often quoted, but is it correct? Whilst we are discussing these things, it…


Mail penetration test

In our first film we showed an arrow easily defeating chainmail. But was that mail a true representation of medieval mail? We will test samples of the best, correctly made historical mail, against less expensive, commercially available mail to check the difference in strength and to establish a base line data point for any future…


Plate armour material test

Armour could be made from thick, high quality steel or thin soft wrought iron and everything in between and knowing how they resist arrows differently is important -how they compare against each other when shot?


Arrow head material test

Arrow heads could be made from hard steels, but were usually made from soft iron, so does the material type effect penetration through steel and if so, how much?

AvA2 what weight bow thumb

How Powerful Was A War Bow?

We asked a simple question “Can an arrow defeat armour?” We could never settle this if we used an average bow, so we went big, 160lbs big. We can’t know if this was representative of an average longbow at Agincourt, but we can test different bow weights and see how they compare. Would weaker bows…