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Testing the longbow simulator

Testing the longbow simulator

Tod uses a ‘longbow simulator’ and shoots it against Joe Gibbs with his 160lbs longbow.  How do they compare? Are they interchangeable or is it a complete cheat?  What do these arrows look like in slow motion, how fast do they go and how much energy and momentum do they have?  How powerful are they at 10m, how powerful are they at 60m?  These questions are answered.

AvA2 what weight bow thumb

How Powerful Was A War Bow?


Arrow head material test


Plate armour material test


Mail penetration test

AvA2 Blunt force trauma thumb

AvA2 Blunt Force Trauma

Armour Defeated

AvA2 – Armour defeated!

AvA2 Question and answer session

Question and Answer Session