AvA2 Blunt Force Trauma

AvA2 Blunt Force Trauma

How powerful is a hit from a full weight medieval war arrow? Can it knock you off your feet? Can it send you flying from your saddle ? Can repeated hits stop you walking forward? A good question and one I hear often quoted, but is it correct?

Whilst we are discussing these things, it is also often said that ‘blunt force trauma’; the concussive effect of an arrow strike that has been stopped by armour can still be very dangerous. Again, is that correct?

‘Arrows vs Armour’ is back and we are shooting medieval war arrows at the top half of an armoured knight using armour and arrows that are correct in every detail. The main film shows exactly what happened to the armour and the arrows, but what happens to the guy inside?

AvA2 what weight bow thumb

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Armour Defeated

AvA2 – Armour defeated!

AvA2 Question and answer session

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