AvA2 – Armour defeated!

AvA2 – Armour defeated!

Arrows vs Armour2 asked and answered many questions about just how the arrows from a full weight longbow could injure the knight wearing armour, but there were still some questions we wanted answered.  Can the very thin arm armour resist hits or is it vulnerable?  The mail aventail is really resistant to strikes, but even if it is not penetrated is your neck still vulnerable?  and of course…..Will a direct strike against the breath holes or eye slits go through?

AvA2 what weight bow thumb

How Powerful Was A War Bow?


Arrow head material test


Plate armour material test


Mail penetration test

AvA2 Blunt force trauma thumb

AvA2 Blunt Force Trauma

Testing Crossbow Simulator

Testing the longbow simulator

AvA2 Question and answer session

Question and Answer Session