Social Media Words

Social Media Words

If you do decide to post something up that would be fantastic and this is the outline of the project in as condensed a form as possible.

If you would like to change it or add to it or whatever that would be great, and is this way you can talk about the aspects you have been involved in, what you have done. Try to make any additions in a way that your followers will be interested in and that benefits you; just make sure to get the link to the Kickstarter in.

I think you can pretty much say whatever you want, there are no secrets as the whole idea of the project is full and complete transparency so we say how heavy the arrows are or what the cote layers are or what the mail wire is or when we are filming or anything else.

Social media posting is a minefield, as we all know, however the quality of interaction on the videos is on the whole very high with a high level of respect, I do ask for three things.

  1. Nothing controversial, so no “Thank goodness we are using Wills’ arrows and not those rubbish ones by Bob”
  2. There is much controversy and high emotion over the first film and we will continue to get some negative comments, it is the internet after all, but the AvA way is extreme politeness in all cases.
  3. Be careful not to over-engage. If someone posts up three pages of notes explaining why shooting at 25m is worthless, we will never convince them, they don’t want to be convinced, so say something polite and move on. None of us have the time to have these kind of conversations for no purpose and if you start it gives them ammunition, feeds their need to come back and gets you nowhere, but it has a danger of you losing interest and making your replies thin and unsatisfying and so leaves them the ‘winner’. Thank them for their interesting insights and move to the next.

Arrows vs Armour2

Arrows vs Armour 2 needs YOU It is time to shoot proper arrows at properly made armour, including the helmet, visor and collar. Everything filmed by TV camera crews but produced by Tods Workshop and presented by Tod, Toby Capwell and the crafts people who actually made and know about the pieces.

This comprehensive test will show how effective the helmet and neck armour was and whether it can be penetrated during the best and most exciting test we are able to construct, we even get to see and hear from inside the helmet. It is now the turn of the head and neck armour to get pounded for REAL, not ‘TV real’.

If you want to help make this film happen that would be great, because we cannot do it without you. This project is too big for us to fund ourselves, so we have set up a Kickstarter funding page to raise the money. Please visit to find out exactly what we are planning and discover what amazing rewards are on offer and of course to donate.

The English longbow is laden with myth; of its origins, its power, its achievements. The captains and commanders that once knew its’ true power in physical and in military terms, are long dead. The knowledge is lost. But we will find it again with real armour, amazing archers, stout arrows and every detail captured on multiple and slo-mo cameras.

Please be part of the Arrows vs Armour team; please help make it happen.”


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