Call Sheet

Call Sheet

SHOOT DATES: Filming will be taking place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of July

LOCATION: Tod and Lou’s house

For shoot/technical info -Tod 07XXX XXXXXX

General logistics hotels/parking/food etc. – Lou Todeschini 07XXX XXXXXX


Friday night from 6 pm onward, dinner at pm. If you can make it for dinner that would be great as then we can chat through as much as possible before the Saturday.


LOCATION: As above
Sat nav should bring you directly to the house.
Mobile phone coverage is patchy at best in the village, so please see map for house location. Vodafone is ok, everything else is very sketchy.


It is expected that Piers, AJ and Rob will park in the drive.
If you can unload gear in the driveway and then park in the village hall, that would be great. If you turn left once you turn into the village hall and park at the end you will be out of the way. Everything that needs to be out of cars can be safely left in the house/shed


  • Filming will take place in XXXXXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXXX and there is plenty of inside storage space. It is a XXXXXm walk from the front driveway


  • Everyone who wants/needs accommodation on the Friday and Saturday nights will have it and there will be a pre-shoot dinner/meeting at the Tods on Friday. A combination of Travel lodge and Lou and Tod’s House


Crew call at 7.00 am for runner – Alex and Ellie – Behind camera filming
Crew call: 7:30 am for all others who want breakfast
Breakfast at 7:30
Turnover at 8:00
Lunch – when convenient (around 1-1.30pm)
Wrap – as required aiming for 6.30- 7pm

Tod Todeschini – Producer/Contributor 07XXX XXXXXX
Will Sherman – Arrowsmith – 07XXX XXXXXX
Joe Gibbs – Archer and Bowyer – 07XXX XXXXXX
Toby Capwell – Curator Arms &Armour, 07XXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXX –
The Wallace Collection
Augusto Boer Bront. – Armourer +46 (0)70XXXXXX
(whats app calls only)

Mike Chernett – Director/Producer. 07XXX XXXXXX
Lou Todeschini – Production Mgr – 07XXX XXXXXXX
Piers Leigh – DOP/Camera 07XXX XXXXXX
Rob Bennett – Cameraman. 07XXX XXXXXX
Holly Attwooll. – ‬Camera Assistant 07XXX XXXXXX
AJ Butterworth – Sound Recordist. . 07XXX XXXXXX
Alex Newing – Runner/General Assistant. 07XXX XXXXXX
Ellie Ingham – Behind the scenes filming. 07XXX XXXXXX

Suppliers (for contact details only not present on shoot days)
Phil Parkes, Maille 07XXX XXXXXX
Mark/Cap a pie, Maille shirt 07XXX XXXXXX
Owen Bush Metal 07XXX XXXXXX
Isak Krogh Aventail 00 46 XXXXXXX
Chrissie Carnie Doublet 07XXX XXXXXX

Alex Pocklington, Matt Easton, Jason Kingsley


Joe, Will and Augusto staying at Lou and Tods. (Location address)


(phone number) AJ – July Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th
Toby – July Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th
Piers. – July. Sat 23rd – Sunday 24th
Holly – July. Sat 23rd – Sunday 24th

Filming over view.
There will be two filming days. The first is for four shorter films and the second is for the long film incorporating information taken from the first day.

The four films will be looking at chain mail, plate armour samples and arrow heads and will involve Joe shooting arrows at objects whilst Toby and I talk it through and pull in the others as required. These films will be fairly static.

The main film will be hectic and will challenge us to get through the required schedule and will be far less static.

We have Piers and Rob on cameras assisted by Holly, but it will just be Rob on Saturday. Mike will also be on a camera throughout, but will setting GoPros and running a high speed camera as well.

Ellie will be filming behind the scenes/reportage type footage.

AJ will be running sound and possibly a drone.

See separate document for filming schedules and shot list.

There is a village shop in XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX (mid-sized local town) is 10 minutes away.

Screwfix – (phone number)

BandQ – (phone number)

T4 Cameras – (phone number)


Four Films




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