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Best Of The Rest

Best Of The Rest

I regularly make You Tube films; all are hopefully entertaining as that is the point. But it is not just why I make them. I love to investigate and discover new things, to rediscover old knowledge that is long forgotten, to challenge my own and others preconceived Ideas, to push against established ‘facts’. To explore.

Inevitably some of these films are more interesting than others and on this page you will find some of my favourite films that are not covered elsewhere with a few words about why I included the film.

Do swords go schwiiiing?

Draw weights of medieval crossbows

The first ‘mythbusting’ film I made and by far the shortest Draw weights of medieval crossbows, longbows and modern crossbows

Testing a 1250lbs windlass crossbow

The massive draw weights of medieval crossbows are often misunderstood in terms of how that translates to performance and this film partially addresses that Testing a 1250lbs windlass crossbow.

That is over half a ton/tonne of force applied to the back of the bolt – it must shoot miles!

Making a dark ages crossbow – full making process

I love making things and I love other people making things too, so this is where I show you how to make a simple crossbow.

Testing a medieval assassins crossbow

Assassins’ crossbows were a real thing in medieval Europe, but how powerful were they and could they have ever been used for this?

9 ways to span a medieval crossbow

An invaluable guide to the 9 different ways to span a crossbow


Very little is known about these small medieval and renaissance crossbows and there are very few in existence, but all were loaded with a screw jack in the grip and usually had a top trigger and were often highly decorated.

6 medieval arrow heads

A calm film talking my way through 6 different head types

How to remove barbed arrow heads

Just a neat film about a neat medieval trick.

Sword breaker or sword catcher

Sword breaker daggers were apparently used to break swords……..

Why are film swords always wrong

I make props for films and TV, but so often the ones you see are not quite right – why is that?

Longbow vs Crossbow shooting trial

So many opinions swirl about long bows and crossbows, but how do they actually compare?

Does wax on arrowheads do anything?

We have no evidence that they put wax on their arrowheads, but my goodness it changes what happens.

Roman plumbata thrown every way

These are small hand thrown barbed and fletched darts and they are amazing – I love them.

Duck hunting arrows

I love these and I love this film of me demonstrating these weird arrows shooting at rubber ducks on a lake.

Weird Medieval weapons – flail

I make weapons and can’t really use them Matt Easton can use them, but not really make them, but between us we can investigate some of the very weird past – where it started.

So, I have a trebuchet

I made a trebuchet for a job and they didn’t need it after it was filmed, so I have a trebuchet now.

War darts – every type thrown every way

War darts came in many forms and sizes and it appears I love them all! Speed. Weight.

Energy. – medieval crossbow bolts

I look at the relationship between these three factors and what it means to how hard they hit.


Arrows Vs. Armour 2


Arrows Vs. Armour 1


Lockdown Longbow