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Arrows Vs. Armour 1

Arrows Vs. Armour 1

Arrows Vs Armour is a film that shows what happens when proper medieval arrows are shot at a proper medieval breastplate by a proper archer with everything presented truthfully. The idea is simple, we use the best equipment we can, made by knowledgeable people and test it. We look at the results and we talk about those results, not about what we or the script or the director wanted to happen. We show everything, hide nothing, fake nothing, trying to answer the question “Can arrows defeat armour”.

An antidote to TV style documentaries.

The whole project was self funded and driven by ourselves as a collective because we are interested. To everyone who jumped on Mike and my original idea and helped make it and shape it and ultimately deliver it; thank you.



AvA1 Arrow heads


Will Sherman




Joe Gibbs