Email thread

The Arrows Vs Armour project happened very fast, in an informal way between friends and acquaintances, so much of it was done by phone calls and emails, coordinated and produced by Tod. This is a string of emails that show the process from conception to the eve of filming in just 4 weeks it is a messy line and only shows a partial picture as there were dozens of emails flying about, but it gives an idea of the speed with which the project developed and how much thought went into it.

Planning documents

We say at the start that we don’t work to scripts and indeed we do not, but unless we have some direction some kind idea of what we want to film, we will just be a bunch of guys hanging out in a field wondering what we are supposed to be doing. I refer to this plan as the ‘story’, it is a direction in which we expect the filming to go, but it is not fixed or complete in every detail, but it does allow us all to plan our day a little and make sure the key building blocks of a story are in place so we can make a film that makes sense.

The “Arrow shooting” documents are these stories. They were written over the course of 3 weeks and were the fruit of continual conversations, often several in day between the 5 of us and there is massive change between V1 and V3 and ultimately in what we filmed.

  • Arrow shooting V1
  • Arrow shooting V2
  • Arrow shooting V3

Shot list

Our filming day was rammed and so we absolutely needed a filming schedule, without this, making sure we filmed everything we needed to would be very hard. Our ‘story’ helped us plan the day and construct this schedule, but of course it can and did change.



AvA1 Arrow heads


Will Sherman


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