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Joe Gibbs and the Longbow simulator

Joe Gibbs and the Longbow simulator

Ideally filmed prior to the filming dates here and will be Joe and Tod only. Time and commitment may mean that we just get together for a very rapid hour or two one evening when we don’t even have to worry about light and just shoot and write down numbers and then get together to film the film at a later date. TBC

The idea is to cover a few specific comment streams before the main film, so allow us to move quickly through some areas and allow us to state facts with knowledge and authority. It is also possible that during the main film, that the repeated shooting and highly accurate placement of shots may exceed Joes ability to deliver and so we may need an alternative arrow delivery method and this needs to be seen to be acceptable.

Tod has made a load of films previously that have used this crossbow to simulate a longbow because it shoots arrows of the same weight as Joes at the same speed as Joes.

Joe and Tod structure the film to create no doubt, so we weigh arrows and shoot them through a chronograph. The bows should be pretty much the same.

In the AvA2 film we will likely want to shoot close because it is more accurate, so we shoot through the chrono at 15, 25 and 50 m and note the differences and then talk about them. Assuming that there is little change from 15 to 25m, it will allow us to shoot at 15m and state “this shorter distance will have XXX extra energy or speed (or very little difference- who knows?) compared to 25 or 50m and so we may assume/estimate XXX”

Mike and I also suspect that when we need to get accurate and repeated shot placement onto the left side of the visor for example, we may have to use the longbow simulator and so its similarity to Joe, must be established.

Archers paradox/arrow oscillation may play some part in the penetration and so we also need to film the simulator arrow in slo mo so it can be shown to be similar to Joes.

Shot List

This film will be shot by Tod like his regular content, but just a bit more considered.

Joe and Tod meet and I show Joe the simulator and general intro about what it is and “isn’t it great we finally get you two together”.

I comment that the simulator is not a war bow, because I am not man enough to draw one, but also in the best practices of scientific research it is a great test platform that gives repeatable results. But why take my word for it?

Chronograph is right in front of us. Joe weighs his arrow and shoots it, I do the same and they do the same speed. We chat – target doesn’t care.

Talk about archers paradox/oscillation and how this may alter things. Film the arrow flight from Joes and simulator in slo mo from behind. Play into laptop to allow both of us to view it and comment.

For reasons we can’t explain, perhaps these two arrows will behave differently at different distances, so we put the chrono out at 15m, out at 25m and out at 50m and check the speeds. (I now have a radar chrono and this should be easy to do, but as yet untested).


(Assuming my assumptions here are correct).

The arrows go the same speeds and weigh the same and they oscillate in a similar way and are still moving at the same speeds out at the same distances . Yes there may be subtle differences, but as far as we can see, they are basically the same, and then crack the ‘Faux Joe’ joke.


Arrows vs Armour2

AvA1 Arrow heads

Arrow head material test


Plate armour material test


Mail penetration test


War bow weight test 


Force of impact test