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Arrows V Armour 2 – Stories

Arrows V Armour 2 – Stories

Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs and the Longbow simulator

Ideally filmed prior to the filming dates here and will be Joe and Tod only. Time and commitment may mean that we just get together for a very rapid hour or two one evening when we don’t even have to worry about light and just shoot and write down numbers and then get together to…


Force of impact test

After filming the first 5 AvA2 films, we realised there was another set of questions and another film that needed making so Tod wrote out a quick ‘story’ and made the film. Because of this the “story’ is a little unpolished. An after thought…….. Intro to me – the guys are not here today. We…


War bow weight test 

One of the biggest problems we face in exploring what longbows could do and did do to armour is that we don’t even know how powerful the longbows were. We have written accounts of the battles, we have the armour of the time, we have pictures and paintings and arrow heads, but no bows. Not…


Mail penetration test

How different are real and commercial mail In earlier times mail was used as a protective augmentation worn over quilted textile armour or some other garment. It could also be lined with denser, thicker padded textile. By the time of Agincourt, mail continued to serve as a key protective material, used in concert with textile…

AvA1 Arrow heads

Arrow head material test

What head material? Different heads were in use at the time, and we may well come back to look at different head types in future films, but the purpose of this film is to look at the heads we are using for the main AvA2 film; which are type 9 bodkins based on A5698 from…


Plate armour material test

Which armour material? Armour was made from different materials and of different qualities. At the time of Agincourt most armour on lesser men was still of a low carbon iron or steel, though higher status individuals would often have a medium carbon steel such as that of the Churburg 14 breast plate that we based…


Arrows vs Armour2

The story Arrows Vs Armour is back, it has been three years, but that has just given us time to think the whole film through and get organised, but as you would expect after three years there have been changes.  Our original armourer Kevin Legg is unavailable due to work commitments so we have recruited…