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Christine Carnie

Christine Carnie

Owner of The Sempster, Bespoke Historical Clothing

My main focus is the period from the 13th to the early 17th century, making garments for working people, or those that need to have full freedom of movement. I have worked with jousters, archers, and fencers, who all need subtly different approaches.

Each garment I make is bespoke and handmade, fitted to the person it is intended for, and made with period appropriate sewing techniques. Each project has its own challenges, and I love the process from initial research through tailoring, fitting, and sewing to the finished garment.

I enjoy the challenge of recreating a specific garment or image, and teaching about historical sewing and tailoring techniques. I recently added talks about those topics to my repertoire, and am working on my first book, about clothing for commoners in the 1540s.